“Steltix is a global thought leader and implementor of Oracle applications, IBM and SAP on Oracle CIoud Infrastructure.”

– Johan Teekens
Steltix, Technology Director

Your digital journey to the Oracle Cloud is in safe hands. We provide organizations the ability to identify opportunities to improve business processes, increase flexibility and redirect investment into digital initiatives, and progress on their digital journey.

Migration & Road Mapping services offer insights in key elements for cloud migration, customer use cases, developing the Cloud Migration Roadmap and business case.

Trust on our 8+ years experience in moving customers to the Cloud, including i-Series to Cloud, on-premise to Cloud, and Cloud@Customer.

Leader in the adoption and use of containerization (Docker) for streamlined, low-risk upgrades, migrations, and deployments.

Multiple data centers: Oracle provides its infrastructure out of several regions worldwide.

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Cloud makes growth easy for Daily Logistics Group

Daily Logistics Group (DLG) selects Oracle Fusion Cloud and ERP Applications to scale services and support business growth.

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