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Are you experiencing any of these?

My customized ERP is weakening my business

Your ERP is highly customized and it’s getting harder to adapt it to your business processes.

You are stuck with an old system that no longer serves its purpose and adding new functionality would only complicate things more.

Your business is growing but your ERP is in the past.

What if you didn’t have to go through that ever again?

My ERP vendor is announcing end of support

Your ERP vendor has let you know that your system is up for renewal, or even worse, that they’re ending support for your current version.

You have to make a move but not so sure what to do? There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

By joining the Early Adopter Program you would never have to worry about this ever happening, as Nextworld automatically upgrades with the latest technology.

My ERP doesn’t cover all my business specific processes

Your business model is very unique and out-of-the-box ERPs can cover up to 70% of it.

What about the remaining 30%? That’s where your value is! Is what makes you different from others and should be safe.

With Nextworld you can customize without penalization and those those customizations will integrate seamlessly with every upgrade.

I am running a business on Excel spreadsheets

You may be a start-up or a long-established company that it’s growing fast. You should be able to rely on a software that can go along those changes, but..

Why run your business on spreadsheets?

Nextworld grows alongside your requirements and its 100% no-code development platform will help you shape them.

In case you find yourself in one or more of these crossroads…

apply for the program

What to expect from Nextworld’s Early Adopter Program?

Benefits of joining the Early Adopter Program

ERP Strategy Roadmap – We will start by learning the needs of your company, how processes can be improved and deliver the best possible outcome to you.

Early Access to Technology – You will get to experience the solution first-hand and get to know and work with the latest features.

Early Access to Training – Be part of our educational webinars and trainings on new releases and net new change. Information is power, and you’d be one of the first people to receive it.

Early Adopter Pricing – As part of the program, participants will be eligible for discounts on SaaS pricing.

Customer Support – From Nextworld, priority support will be provided in order to resolve any potential business application or technical issues.

What do we expect from you?

Reference – You are a referenceable customer for future Nextworld prospects.

Value calculator – After 6 months of using Nextworld, members will be expected to participate in a value exercise.

Free promotion – Members will work alongside Nextworld on case studies that are referenced for marketing.

What’s Next? – Complete your application for the Nextworld Early Adopter Program to confirm participation.

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“Nextworld’s financial applications have already saved us hours of manual work and several spreadsheets.”

Kurt Unruh
CEO at Valor
<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“R&R Millwork logo” title=“image tooltip”>

“By automating with Nextworld, we were able to spend more time focused on growth rather than transferring data to multiple software programs”

Devin Harwell
President at R&R Millwork, Inc.
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What is Nextworld?

Why Nextworld’s
Early Adopter Program?

The Nextworld Early Adopter Program is your opportunity to become part of an ERP revolution.

Nextworld just landed in EMEA from the US and Steltix will help you overcome the obstacles you face with traditional ERPs.

By applying to the Nextworld Early Adopter Program, you can be one of the chosen companies to unlock the exclusive benefits, such as pricing and high-touch customer support.

Now YOU can become part of the story
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<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“Kylee McVaney, CEO of Nextworld” title=“image tooltip”>

“We aim to provide the highest quality and most modern Enterprise Resource Platform, enabling companies to focus on their business – not on the technology that runs it.”

Kylee McVaney
CEO at Nextworld
<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“Jan Jaap Weerstand, CEO at Steltix” title=“image tooltip”>

“We have been looking for an ERP that innovates on the latest advancements. Nextworld is the only solution building a full suite of enterprise applications on today’s technology.

Jan Jaap Weerstand
CEO at Steltix
<img src=“image.jpg” alt=“Edward McVaney” title=“image tooltip”>

Nextworld is the last implementation you will ever need to do.”

Edward McVaney, founder of Nextworld and J.D. Edwards


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