JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Supply Chain Management

Steltix offers EnterpriseOne Supply Chain Summer School classes for the various topics like Inventory and Sales Order Management, Procurement, Warehouse and Transportation Management and Pricing.

Learn the basic functionality of the Item Master Data as well as Inventory Transactions and Physical Inventories. Get an overview of available Reports and Inquiries.

Topics included are:
  • Inventory Management Overview
  • Item Master / Item Branch Data
  • Inventory Transactions
    Adjust / Issue / Transfer / Reclassification
  • Purchase Order Receipts
  • Sales Order Shipments
  • Physical Inventories
  • Inventory Inquiries and Reports

The JD Edwards Sales Order Management training teaches you to set up the sales order system foundation. Learn to process basic sales orders, review sales order information and process different Sales Order.

Topics included are:

Sales Order Management Overview

Sales Order Management Setup

  • Customer Master
  • Customer Billing Instructions
  • Base Pricing
  • Order Activity Rules
  • Commitments
  • Order Templates
  • Order Holds
  • Standard Preferences
  • Advanced Preferences

Sales Order Processing

  • Sales Order Entry
  • Picking Documents
  • Shipment Confirmation
  • Delivery Note
  • Sales Invoices
  • End of Day Processing

Additional Order Types (Transfer Orders, Blanket Orders, Quotes)

Inquiries and Reports

Learn the basic Procurement functionality including Setup and Transaction Processing. Get an overview of available Reports and Inquiries!

Topics included are:

Procure to Pay Overview
Procurement Setup

  • Supplier Master
  • Order Flows
  • Supplier Catalogues
  • Supplier Item Relationship
  • Automatic Accounting Instructions
  • Tolerance Rules
  • Landed Costs

Working with Inventory Purchase Orders

  • Adding Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Print Purchase Orders
  • Supplier Acknowledgement

Receipt Processing

  • Print Receivers
  • Receive Purchase Order
  • Receipt Routing – Move and Disposition

Voucher Processing

  • Voucher Match
  • Review and Post Voucher

Non-Inventory Purchase Orders
Additional Order Types (Requisitions, Blanket Orders, Quote Orders)
Procurement Inquiries and Reports

Learn the basic Warehouse Management functionality including Setup and Transaction Processing.

Topics included are:
  • Item and Location Setup
  • Movement Rules
  • License Plates
  • Putaway
  • Replenishment
  • Picking

This JD Edwards Transportation Management training teaches you to setup the transportation management system and execute transports.

Topics included are:

Intro of Transportation Management

Transportation Management Configuration & Master Data​

  • Constants
  • UDC’s
  • Calendars
  • Item Master
  • Customer Master
  • Carrier Master

Transportation Management Operational Data​

  • Carrier Zones​
  • Routings​
  • Intermodal Routings​
  • Options & Equipment​
  • Transportation preferences​
  • Rating, Vehicles & Staff​

Transportation Execution​

  • Planning
  • Load Build
  • Approval

This Pricing class covers JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Base Pricing as well as Advanced Pricing for Sales and Procurement.

Topics included are:

Base Pricing Setup

  • Preference Hiearchy
  • Pricing Groups
  • Price Rules

Advanced Pricing Setup

  • Complex Price Groups
  • Price Adjustment Schedules
  • Price Matrix
  • Free Goods
  • Basket Pricing
  • Rounding Rules
  • Promotions

Advanced Operations

  • Mass Maintenance
  • Customer Price List
  • Speed Price Approval

Inquiries and Reports

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