System Monitoring

Steltix System Monitoring

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Monitoring is the process that measures availability and performance of components in scope.

Steltix System monitoring offers an interactive monitoring of IT systems.

Automated tools measure all the relevant gauges to ensure system Availability and Performance. Warning thresholds are defined to ensure that Steltix receives an early warning when an issue occurs.

The monitoring system has been configured to check components including their pre-defined thresholds. Whenever a threshold is being breached, the monitoring system will send out a “Warning” (e-mail) or “Critical” (phone call).


Steltix monitors the heartbeat of the customers monitoring system to guarantee the availability of the customer monitoring system.

The customer monitoring system sends out an e-mail (heartbeat) every "defined frequency". The Steltix monitoring system will send a check e-mail which checks if the customer e-mail (heartbeat) is present. If the heartbeat e-mail from the customer monitoring system is not present, a phone call will trigger Call Management.