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steltixChange, add, compare, backup and restore processing option values and data selections consistently across all of your versions.

Have you ever experienced the difficulties with version changes associated with straightforward business process changes? Or, for example, what if a number of existing versions need to be copied for one entity and only the company or business unit data selection has to change? Or how do you prove that a certain processing option has changed since the go-live?

With Version Workbench you can add versions and change processing option values or data selections simultaneously for multiple versions of different programs. The Version Workbench contains logic to store processing option values and data selections by environment and point in time. Now it is easy to see which versions use what document type, or what UBE’s select on a certain status! This simple inquiry is possible for processing option values, data selection values and data sequences, and a respected tool for compliance auditors. 

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steltixAccelerated Roll out

The Version Workbench is also used by multi-company clients to speed up their roll outs: They use the powerful features to copy sets of versions, mass replace the data selections and option values, and last but not least copy complete task views and mass-change the versions referenced: The complete basis of a roll out is finished in hours, rather than weeks. The Version Workbench removes all air out of the activities that relate to version- and menu maintenance.