Release Information

Latest Release Information

  • Published in Version Workbench

New Features in Release 3.6.7

  • Fix updating processing options with deleted options in the template on existing versions
  • Fix for menu copy using inline version replacement including multiple instances of the same task(s)

New Features in Release

  • One package for all (same Boomerang package can be used for 8.12, 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2). Yes, E812 is back on track!
  • Added rowexit Get in order to do a multi level advanced get
  • Cross environment PO generation is now possible without a local pathcode installation
  • Bugfix flipping Include/Exclude in saved scope
  • Fix Tools 9.1.5.x bug with library names non-discriminating over 7 characters
  • Scoped Freezepoint generation extended with option to run in Incremental mode

New Features in Release 3.6

  • VW release info from separate numbers for spec and library to 1 four digit number
  • Task name configuration and product code for version replacements during task view copy
  • To Project form exit on Processing Option Explorer and Data Selection Explorer
  • From Upload Grid form exit on Add / Remove versions to Project screen
  • Bugfix using lower case project names with vw inline project creation

New Features in Release 3.5

  • Data selection security (line lock) in mass update.
  • BI Publisher Report Definition and Print Immediate in version maintenance.
  • Import versions from Taskview in Project Version maintenance.
  • Freezepoint compare GUI expanded with flexible compare base specification.
  • Import versions from Taskview or Project into mass version copy configuration.

Additional Features could be find in the Version Workbench Release Notes.