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Current Release - 4.8 / GA February 2018

Improvements / Issues addressed up to this release:

    1. Deletion of Admin and Logon History Files 
    2. Disable Cross-Reference-File
    3. Disable the license expiry warning


Previous Release - 4.7 / GA May 2017

Improvements / Issues addressed up to this release:

    1. Password Change Frequency
    2. Allowed Password Attemps


Previous Release - 4.6 / GA March 2016

Improvements / Issues addressed up to this release:

    1. Latest Java and SQL Server Support


Previous Release - 4.5 / GA July 2016

Improvements / Issues addressed up to this release:

    1. Single sign-on to Data Access Studio reporting product from Reports Now.
    2. Simple migration to a centralized Oracle database repository instead of the integrated H2 database, enabling High Availability and clustering of multiple transparent Logon servers.
    3. Cross reference Import and export feature in the administrative user interface, allowing mass updates in the cross reference.
    4. Interactive search functionality in all the data grids in the administrative interface.
    5. Removed ‘case sensitive’ check on the cross reference.
    6. Simplified upgrade and downgrade procedure from the previous version, by just replacing one directory.


Previous Release - 4.2.1 / GA august 2014

Improvements / Issues addressed up to this release:

  1. Ported from to java tomcat.
  2. Database does no longer contain any user passwords, just two user ID's
  3. Support of the *ALL role: TL either prompts for role or applies *ALL
  4. Full support of parameterized URL's
  5. User interface refreshed
  6. H2 database part of the distribution; SQL Server is an option.


Previous Release - 2.1.3 / GA January 2013

Improvements / Issues addressed:

  1. Installer added to automatically install Transparent Logon and underlying prerequisite components.
  2. User interface improvements.
  3. License key mechanism added to enable free download from site.


Previous Release - 2.1 / GA December 2012

Improvements / Issues addressed:

  1. Administrator user authenticated in administrative backend.
  2. All distributed code is distributed in servlets and no longer published in .jsp files.
  3. Administrator password is now encrypted in the properties file.
  4. Error trap improvements
  5. All columns in cross reference grid are enabled for two way sorting by clicking the column header.
  6. Favicon enabled in all screens in the administrator back end.