Steltix Transparent Logon

Steltix Transparent Logon

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Your login to Active Directory removes the need to login to Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne...

steltixWhen users need to access Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne they need to identify themselves using a username and a password. They probably already identified themselves when they switched on their computer, most likely using a different username and password. If they forget their password, they need to go through a tedious helpdesk process to have their password reset, eating up valuable time from their schedule just waiting for the reset.

Steltix Transparent Logon is cost effective, installed within the hour and does not require any software changes to either JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Active Directory or any other hardware or software component. It is a single sign on solution, which removes the necessity to separately logon to your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne screens.

We have created two movies which are linked below: One provides an overview presentation and gives some more background, the other is a screencast of how the product looks and functions in real life.