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Steltix Tools

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Steltix Tools for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne help you to be more efficient and to avoid time consuming tasks.
Steltix Tools are a collection of tools that have been created to both enhance your JD Edwards solution and to speed up the deployment of JD Edwards.
And our consultants can add real value thanks to simple, smart and time-saving tools.


Version Workbench

Change, add, compare, backup and restore processing option values and data selections consistently across all of your versions.

Transparent Logon

Your login to Active Directory removes the need to login to Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne...



Uploading hundreds or even thousands of items into JDE currently is a manual and time consuming task. With Steltix dropZone this is a fully automated -drag and drop- process where your data is evaluated against regular JDE constraints.

Interface Cockpit

makes managing EDI integrations easy. It includes a central work centre message monitor by submission or by data.

Item Picture Generator

If you are planning to add pictures to your items then this generator can be used to generate image media object attachments to the Item Master.

Upload Workbench

is a collection of headerless detail forms for Grid import and export for about twenty JD Edwards tables.

Legal Structure Workbench

It supports all customers changing their legal structure and includes detailed functionality covering both merging and/or dividing companies.

Native Scanning Solution

It includes handheld terminal input and the corresponding scanner dialogs. All input will be stored in tables and the standard interactive JD Edwards applications will process the data in an automatic mode in the background.

Batch Sequencing

allows you to dynamically sequence batch versions without touching the JD Edwards standard scheduler.

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