Portuguese localizations

  • Published in Portugal

As not all Portuguese Localizations are provided by Oracle, Steltix added necessary localizations for Portugal.

Localizations provided by Oracle are:

  • Invoice Certification
    All Companies based in Portugal, that issue Invoices in this territory, needs to have an Billing Software Certified by Portuguese Tax Authorities;

    Each invoice needs to have informed an unique key (signature), a legal document number and the certified number of program that issue the invoice. This information is stored in several tables in JDE and needs also to be in the invoice layout.

  • SAF-T PT*
    The Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes - Portuguese version


Localizations provided by Steltix are:

  • Portuguese Legal Reports
    ◦ Account Master and Account Balances Update

    ◦ Balance Sheet Detailed

    ◦ Income Statement Detailed

    ◦ Income Statement Summarized

    ◦ Cash-flow Statement

    ◦ VAT monthly and annual report

    ◦ Tax Recap – Customers & Suppliers

    ◦ 31 Map - Fixed Assets Profit/Loss Report

    ◦ 32.1 Map- Depreciation Reports

    ◦ 33.17 and 33.18 Maps - Fixed Assets Reports

    ◦ Disposals Reports

    ◦ Asset Acquisition

    ◦ Amortisation By Month

  • Transport Documents Communication via Web Service
    Companies are obliged to report the transport content to the Tax Authorities before transport occurs. Has been developed a solution to communicate it via web service.

  • Inventory Communication to Tax Authority
    Since January 2015 Portuguese companies have to report to the tax authorities (AT) their year-end stocks.  In this file must be listed all inventories, description, unit of measure and quantities.This communication is done via the AT website by uploading a file in a pre-defined format and needs to be delivered until 31st January of the next year which the values relates.