Steltix publishes free iOS application to manage your JD Edwards Watchlists

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ios Steltix has published a free iOS application (runs on your iPhone or iPad) which allows the user to select watchlists created in your JDEdwards system. The app then warns the user when your watchlist run into the yellow or red category. It shows the number of records in each selected watchlist, but it also triggers a device alert when they go in the warning or error category.


 The application requires a recent JDEdwards tools release (9.2) as the AIS server of that release exposes the watchlists in the standard API.

Steps to use this application:

  1. Ensure your JDEdwards system is on the right tools release.
    (Select My System Profile to Check this)
  2. Make sure the system contains watchlists published and available to your user ID.
    (Use the watchlist drop down to check this)
  3. Download the application, and make sure to link to your AIS server.
    Link in the appstore:
  4. Follow the in app instructions to subscribe to your watchlists and enjoy.