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Oracle Accelerate Solution for Food & Beverage

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The challenges are multiple and competition is getting stronger.
steltixFast expanding product portfolio’s and increased emphasis on quality control. Multiple and complex distribution channels that have unique service and fulfilment requirements. Increasing regulatory requirements on traceability  recall management, packaging and reporting. On top of that customers demand partnerships and better relationships tailored towards their specific individual demands. Not to mention an increasing drive towards higher efficiency and more flexibility  whilst more than ever costs have to be reduced and risk have to be managed; especially in these turbulent times!

There are many challenges and your competition is getting stronger. The Steltix Business Accelerator offers you the following advantages::

  • Flexibility
    Easy to adapt towards your current and future requirements.
  • Industry standards
    All industry standards and best practices come out of the box.
  • Easy, cheap and fast
    Easy to use, easy to maintain,  low investment,  low maintenance cost and fast to implement.
  • No Risk
    Using the Steltix accelerator means that you have our guarantee that your implementation will be completed on time and on budget.